ActionHRM 5.00 Release Notes

Overview of 5.00 New Features

  • New Interface
  • Pay Item Extraction
  • New Employee Workflow List
  • SSO (Single Sign On) Support
  • Multiple Performance Rating Scale Support
  • Custom Performance Questions can be allocated against goal and feedback questions as well as pre-loaded question guidance
  • Document and File Note – Blacklist (specifically not see a certain document)
  • Mapping of Leave Reasons to Leave Types
  • In addition to these key changes numerous improvements / functions and simplifications have been introduced and our next releases will include a Time Rule Engine (to interpret and allocate time), new benefit reporting and functionality for the USA, live language editor to custom system labels and provide the ability to add new languages, additional custom workflow functionality including the ability to create and assign actions (sub workflows) and much, much more.
  • We are also about to launch our new branding and website so watch this space!!

Feature Overview

New Interface

We have introduced a new interface providing improved mobile, tablet and desktop functionality.

Most areas / forms have received an update in layout, presentation and functionality.

Key changes include:

New Tiled Layouts – with drag and drop movement of key sections and allows users to choose

how information tiles are presented / ordered.

Text Search Across Data Tables – Many tables now support multi column searching


Inline Editing

Inline editing provides save as you go / enter information. This will be added in further areas /

pages but has been provided on the main Employee Details (Establishment Form). Any field with

any underline “—–” will support this function. Simply click, enter the change and click on the check

icon to save the data. This will not reload the page but commit the change to the database.


New Dropdowns – Text and Date

All text dropdowns now support text search e.g. if you were searching for an employee

called David Wakefield you could search for “david”, “wakefield”, “dav”, “wake” etc and it will be

returned. There is also an improved date picker with easier input, that still provides Multi

Language and regional formats.


New Workflow Interactive workflow dropdown with Visual Notifier

The workflow to action link has been replaced with an interactive menu bar with the ability to

preview a workflow and directly open. The main icon in the top left opens the workflows to action

quick link and provides a visual notifier similar to smartphones to indicate the number of

workflows to action. You can hover over a workflow to see additional details OR open the Todo

Workflow queue in the traditional manner.


Single Launcher Menu for access to all Wizards Quick Links, Workflows and Report Access

Quick links, New Workflows and Quick Actions has been consolidated into a single wizard in the

top left indicated by the Rocket Launcher icon.


Record Filters moved to the dropdown

For most employees, managers and basic users there was limited need or use of power user

filters e.g. View Terminated Staff. To simplify the interface we have moved these in the dropdown.

To activate or change a filter click on the record dropdown and click on the filter icon. See Status:

Active as shown below.


New Clock In/Off Punch Manager

A new and improved clock manager has been added with Visual notification when clocked on and

clocked off.


Quick Access to Module/Tab Reports

If you want to run an Employee report you can go to the module tab and select the Report option.

This will pre-filter the reports list for the module/area you are in.


New Top and Side Menu Options

You can change the menu layout from the side to a top menu by clicking on the cog icon in the far

right hand of the application screen.

This allows you to change the menu to a Left or Top orientation. The top menu is enabled by

default. Please note in some smaller screen or window sizes the menu style may be automatically

changed by


New Pay Item Extractor

We have introduced a Pay Item Extractor to better support file based / manual payroll

integrations. The main advantage of this extract model is that an additional status has been

introduced against completed Time (e.g. Timesheets) and Leave (Time Off Taken). This means

when extracting for payroll records can be marked as processed and eliminate the management

of late approvals or duplicate imports at payroll. It also easily allows clients to export Leave in

advance and reduces data input by payroll operators. We have inbuilt support for Micropay,

Attache and are adding support for ADP and other payroll solutions and providers. If you would

like to explore the capabilities further or request a new payroll import format please contact our

support team.

It is not designed to replace our existing API (Application Programming Interface) connections

with existing payroll solutions but can be used in conjunction with these for improved interface of

Timesheet data.


New Employee Workflow List


Performance Review Custom Questions and Guidance

Against each goal or feedback objective you can add an unlimited number of custom questions

including preloaded guidance and also determine which are mandatory and optional. In additional

all Feedback and Goal items now support rich text formatting. These provide a much more guided

and engaged process.


Document Store and File Note Blacklist

In addition to the ability to restrict who can see a document or file note against an employee

record and additional option of a black list has been included. These are nominated employees

that cannot see a document. This blacklist overrides the ability to see a document even if you are

included as a Restricted employee (a person who can see) or a member of a Restricted Group (a

set of members who will see a document).