ActionHRM 5.06 Release Notes

Overview 5.06

New Features

  • New Planner with Attendance View
  • Ability to Approve Time Cards/Sheets directly from the Attendance / Planner
  • New Void / Delete employee Function
  • Silent Cancellation of workflows for Terminated Employees
  • Time Card/Sheet – Apply Default button & Improved Timesheet for Casual / Non Regular working Employees

  • Pay Adjustments (New Feature)

Feature Overview

New Planner with Attendance View

The planner has been upgraded with a new CSS built view – it’s faster more friendly and includes a new Attendance view (for Time and Time Off (Leave))

Some new features include

Addition of a Week Change selection

Links to open outstanding Time Off Leave workflows (requiring your approval)

Ability to approve Timesheets directly (see next release feature description)

To make the most of the new planner it’s suggested to adjust your Planner colors. This can be completed under System > Stylesheet – a good practice is to choose a different color for a request vs record – e.g. orange / red for awaiting decision VS green or similar for booked / approved Time Record Requests (Timesheets) and Time Off Requests (Leave Requests)

Integrated Planner Timesheet / Card Approvals

To activate the planner approval function you will need to update System > Access settings.

Once activated users will be able to approve individual days directly approve individual Time Card / Sheet days that require approval. This will part process (or finalise the Timesheet).

Traditional Approval is still supported – e.g. Manager opens Timesheet

Instead of approving this traditionally the planner can be used to approve all / certain days. When processed this will update or potentially complete the Timesheet if a decision has been made on all days.

New Void / Delete Employee

A new Void / Delete employee has been added. Please note delete confirmation will be prompted

but it is irreversible and it will clear employment and other data that can not be reinstated so use

with extreme caution / care.

Delete employee is a form under Employee – that may need to be activated for your profile under System > Access.

Silent Cancellation of Workflows for Terminated Employees

Most incomplete workflows e.g. Timesheets etc will be silently cancelled when an employee is terminated rather than remaining in the system or creating unnecessary emails when cancellation occurs.

Time Card/Sheet – Apply Default button & Improved Timesheet for Casual / Non Regular working Employees

When completing / inputting Timecard / Sheet data users have the ability to assign different defaults as available to their record.

For casual employees or employees without a fixed / regular work pattern. The Timesheet will initially be blank for all days.

When an individual day is open users have the ability to apply a default timesheet to speed input.

Pay Adjustments (New Feature)

A new pay adjustment feature has been incorporated in the Time module for clients using the Pay Item Extraction.

If either a Time Record has been extracted (e.g. sent to payroll) the system assumes / prompts the user to book a Pay Adjustment e.g. to revert the whole or part of the amount.

These adjustments can then be included an picked up in the next extraction.

If the details are incorrect e.g. incorrect time – it is suggested to cancel the record – optionally use the new adjustment tool – then book the correct record if required. If the record was paid – and invalid you would simply book tick Auto Pay Adjustment.

When performing a regular Pay Item extraction – Pay Adjustments will be included by default in a separate report the details and summary will only include records that have not been extracted – e.g. maintain current functionality.