ActionHRM Release Notes 4.54 and 4.55

ActionHRM 4.54 & 4.55 Release Notes


New Features

  • Performance Review Components have been split into separate forms
  • New Performance Reports
  • New Performance Review Planning Workflow
  • Added Restrictions on Performance Review Templates
  • Salary Management added One off Payments
  • Interface Changes and new Quick Links
  • Scheduled CSV Importer
  • Additional CSV Imports / Exports
  • Allocation and Duties Report
  • Optional Company Restriction when setting up a new employee
  • Multiple Groups can now be assigned against a User Account

Minor Improvements and fixes

  • Custom Fields now support “Text Area” and small “Text Box”
  • OHS – custom field display order fixed
  • Improved Performance Score calculations
  • Time Sensitive Rates for Life and AD&D benefit plans (USA)
  • Semi monthly added as a Work Period
  • Position Code can be pre-populated from the Job Survey code
  • Corrected Delete employee function with employee custom fields
  • Locale adjustments for South America
  • Pay % and calculated hourly rate can now be hidden from the salary interface view
  • Improved Time Report run times
  • Additional fields added to Employee Import / Export layout


Feature Overview

Performance review components have been split into multiple forms

To provide additional access restrictions and flexibility the performance review components

(Goals, Feedback and Development) have now been split into 4 forms

  • Summary
  • Goals
  • Feedback
  • Development

By default if a user account had access to the Reviews form they will automatically see all of the

new forms. The new structure allows clients to restrict employees and managers to only view

certain review components and provides report flexibility.

Users without access to the Summary form will only see the sections and scores that they are

entitled to see.


New Performance Reports

We have added separate section reports added a specific Flight Risk report and provided

improved Performance Summary and a new Talent & Succession master report.


New Performance Review Planning Workflow

A new type of workflow known as “Review Planning” is now available. This new workflow type

allows employees with the right permissions to request a Performance review. This has been

created to assist in goal and review planning.

At the outcome of the Review Planning workflow a new performance Review can be initiated

immediately with the pre-approved goals or a personalized template can be saved and the review

initiated later. You could even use the Review Planning workflow again to pickup any changes

required between the planning and assessment process.

The workflow will request a performance review be commenced for a target employee. The

requester selects the review template, edit the goals or feedback sections as required and add

elect to add specific raters before submitting to the approver (typically the manager but it supports

multiple steps and standard workflow processing rules). The approver may then adjust the goals

or setup as required and has the option to create a new review as a result of the approval OR

save the template. If they do a new performance review workflow will be commenced and will

assume the template and goals and feedback that were defined in the Review Planning workflow.

To commence the new workflow you must have the “Create Workflows” permission on the

Performance > Review Template form and read access.

Please note if you would not like Employees and Managers to have visability of other templates

you can now add restrictions to these (see Added Restrictions on Performance Review Templates

in the release notes)


You should also have the workflow configuration configured in the System > Workflow Admin.

Like all standard workflows this configures the default approval path. But you h all workflows this

configuration will determine the workflow path and workflow approvers.

The new Review Planning workflow can be found along side other workflows in the new workflow

drop-down on the left side bar. Once commenced you must first select a target employee and a

review template.


The review planning will copy the existing settings of the base Review Template but the user can

freely modify goals and objectives and adjust the review setup e.g. add additional Raters for peer

review if instructed or required under Review Setup. Utimately the approver can modify the goals

or change Raters assigned by the requestor.

The workflow can either by saved for further modification or submitted to the approver. The

approver has the ability to who may adjust content within each of the sections as required. The

approver may also adjust the raters and have the additional options of publish options, assigning

reviewer/approver, and review component weightings. They will additionally be able to determine

if a new review workflow is commenced as a result of their approval and/or if the review will be

saved as a new review template.

Checking the “Create Template” flag will save the review as a new template, you will have the

additional option of restricting the access of this template to an employee group. Checking the

“Create Review” flag will commence a new performance review workflow upon final approval, the

workflow will assume the settings that have been defined in the review planning workflow.


If you choose to create a template you can also add restrict to a group OR specific employee.

Restrict Performance Review Template

Performance Review Templates now offer additional restrictions on which employees can use the

template this can be left as unrestricted or restricted to specific employees or employee groups.

To add employee access restrictions go to Performance _ Review Template and select the

desired template, then under the restrictions section check the “Restrict Access Template

Access” and select the employee group you wish to restrict the access to. When a review is

initiated for an employee only the available templates will be available for selection.


One off Payments

A new section has been added to reward to allow the input of one-off remuneration payments

made to an employee. This can be used to record the actual amount paid to the employee in

bonus payments, or it can be used to record additional payments made on-top of the employee’s

stated employment package.

A one off payment is added to the package period. When adding a one off payment you need to

provide a category, payment date, and amount. Please note you will need to setup / add a new

pay component first before adding any one-off payments.


Interface Changes and Quick links

The “Workflows to do” previously shown on the Home Page is now located in the Workflows

menu area and is now available across modules (similar to Quick Actions and New Workflow).

Over the coming releases we will be developing the home page to provide more functionality,

metrics and manager and employee key summaries e.g. Key Dates, Key Events, Staff In / Out,


A new client defined dropdown has been created to allow client labelled and determined links to

key application areas and functions. After the update this will initially be blank but Quick Links can

be created under the System > Quick Links forms.

This will make it easier for new and existing ActionHRM users to access common functions and

areas. It will also speed access to common forms.


When adding a new quick link you need to specify a label and then point the quick-link to a form

within the application. This can be done by selecing a module and a form in the drop-downs.

Once saved the new quicklink will be displayed on the new quick links drop-down on the left

panel. Only links the user is normally able to access will be displayed.


Scheduled CSV Importer

Previously only CSV extracts could be scheduled. In order to allow clients to integrate 3rd party

systems themselves or client databases / other data sources we have now built a scheduled

export which supports automated imports.

Clients still need to define an import layout. See the example below for One Off Payments.


Once an import layout has been defined you can then create a scheduled export job. This will

require an FTP service with appropriate changes made to allow the ActionHRM application to

access this service e.g. Firewall rule changes made

If you are interested in using the CSV importer please contact our support team.

Additional CSV Imports/Exports

We have introduced three new CSV imports/exports

  • Skills Import / Skill Update
  • Class Attendee Processing
  • One-Off Salary Payment Import


Allocations and Duties Report

A report has been added to export any Duties & Allocation data on a time sensitive basis. The

allocations and duties was a new form and area introduced in version 4.53

A sample of the report is shown below. Please note you will need to adjust the security settings to

have visibility of the report (View Report on Duties & Allocations is required)

Optional Company Restriction when setting up a New Employee

Additional security options are now available to restrict an HR user from setting up an employee

outside of their own company. By default all current profiles that can currently create an employee

will automatically have access to keep assigning any company. If you would like to use this

restriction simply uncheck HR Admin for the profile on the Employee > Establishment form.


Multiple Groups can be assigned against a User Account

Multiple Groups can now be assigned against a user account improving the ability to manage and

assign additional employee access restrictions.


Custom Field – Text Area

A new custom field type called text area is now available; this field type is a textbox that expands

dynamically as more text is entered. As part of the update we have changed all custom fields that

were set to the old “Text” field type to the new “Textarea” field type, if you want to change this

back to the “Text” field please contact ActionHRM Support. Note that the Text field type is still

available for selection if it is required.


OHS Field Order

The display order for custom fields allocated in the OHS module has now been corrected.


Improved Performance Score Calculations

For clients with consistent rating points in each performance area (Goal, Feedback and

Development) a total score will be shown without any section score normalization occurring first.


Time Sensitive Rates for Insurance Plans (AD&D and Life) for the USA benefits

management module

Rates are now times sensitive so clients can input future rate changes which will automatically

adjust any contribution calculations.


Semi Monthly added as Work Period

Semi monthly was previously an option when entering Salary payments and deductions. It is now

also available as a Work Period.


Position Code can be pre-populated from the Job Survey code

Clients can now set and establish a default position code. This uses the survey code stored

against the job provided the Use as default checkbox is enabled.


Pay % and calculated Hourly Rate can be hidden

By using the access rights you can now restrict which users can see the Pay % or calculated

hourly rate when viewing Salary information. The default behaviour will be to switch this off from

the interface view. It will still be included in the report for reference.

View without hourly rate and pay % shown.

View with hourly rate and pay % shown.


Improved Time Report Run times

We have optimized the Time Report run times reducing the calculation and production times.


South American Locale Adjustments

We have removed some fields not required and moved DOB and Document ID number to the

Establishment form.


Additional Fields added to the Employee CSV Import / Export

Additional fields including Tobacco Use, Disability Status and all Veteran Status information fields

have been added to the import / export.