ActionHRM Release Notes 4.59


Overview  4.59

New Features

  • Job Boards & Hiring Manager and Reason for Vacancy added
  •  Recruitment Notification Profiles
  • Recruitment Notifications
  • Edit/Correct Positions
  • Add Employment Period
  • Workflow Processing Improvements
  • Fixed Performance Workflow Approver/Reviewer
  • Disable Workflow Comments

Minor Fixes/Changes

  • Add Employment Period Wizard Simplifications
  • Yellowfin Link Improvements
  • Reports will no longer truncate fields in Excel
  • Additional Applicant Information added to Applicant Email
  • Race/Ethnicity removed from addition information (US systems only)

Feature Overview

Job Boards & Hiring Manager and Reason for Vacancy Added

You can now have more than one Job Board Stored in the system. This will allow you to have

multiple boards which advertise different sets of positions, for example you could have one board

that advertises to internal employees and one board that advertises to external employees.

Each recruitment process will give you the option to link to a Job Board this will make the

vacancies of this position visible on the linked job board. Please note in the below screenshot you

will see the new Hiring Manager and Reason for Vacancy fields. Please note Reason for Vacancy

values will need to be created in Recruitment > Admin prior to it’s use.

We also have a job board listing page – this is not seen by candidates but if you would like to use

this please contact our support team for your specific URL.

Recruitment Notifications Profiles

You can now create Notification Profiles which can be selected in the New Recruitment Wizard.

Notification Profiles will prefill the default notifications; this will adjust what notifications will be

preloaded when sending out notifications. It greatly improves the ability when multiple letter types

are available for different brands and different letter content for different roles.

You can opt to select a template when creating a new process or add a profile set to existing


Recruitment Notifications

You can now trigger notifications when performing an action on a candidate. The notifications

available for selection will depend on the default notifications applied to the process.

Simply perform an action on a candidate(s)…

You will have the additional option of “Enable Notification” and a drop-down allowing you to select

the notification to send. This notification is preloaded based on the notification settings applied to

the vacancy. It also means there is no need to process / send notifications separately.

Edit/Correct Positions

You will need HR Admin security rights to use this feature.

 Warning: This feature is not to be used for standard employment changes; it should be used with caution when making positional

corrections only.

As a HR-Admin you will be given the option to directly edit active or archived positions from the

positions form. Any changes you make will be reflected in all employees who have previously

held that position at some point in their employment career.

Add Employment Period

The “Change position” button on Employment Details Tab has been removed, you will now simply

“Add” an employment period using the Add button. You may then select if you would like to

update the current position, assign an existing position or create a new position.

Workflow Processing Improvements

Completing a workflow will now redirect you to the ToDo Module with a confirmation message that

the workflow has been completed.

Fixed Performance Workflow Approver/Reviewer

You can now disable the ability to adjust the performance approver and/or reviewer when users

are creating a new review. This is restricted in the Review Template Review Setup tab.

Once locked you will not be able to adjust the reviewer/approver setup when creating a new

performance review using that template

Disable/Hide Workflow Comments

Workflow Comments have been relabeled Workflow Processing Comments and now must be

expanded for any data to be entered in.

You also have the additional option of completely disabling workflow comments from the

workflow’s configuration. These changes should help prevent users from accidentally putting nonworkflow

comments in the workflow comments section.