Assessment Tools Enhancements

Profiles Assessment Center goes mobile!

Profiles International is announcing the availability of a mobile device optimized website.  As of today, when a candidate or employee (assessment taker) links to the Profiles Assessment Center or Profiles Survey Center Using an Apple or Android smartphone they will automatically be routed to a mobile website.  This site offers a user interface optimized for the smartphones.  They can now complete the assessment using their phones.

Also, administrative users of the Profiles Assessment Center will also be routed to the mobile site if signing in from an Apple or Android phone.  Using an optimized interface, they will be able to schedule assessments, access existing assessments in their database, generate reports and check meter balances.

New Leadership Assessment!

Profiles International is announcing a new Leadership Assessment based on the popular ProfileXT  assessment.  The Leadership Report is targeted for use with C-Suite executives.  It is designed and written for executive level positions and adds 6 Components of Leadership Success narratives to the ProfileXT Thinking Styles, Behavioral and Occupational Interest measures.

Components of Leadership Success:

  • Innovating Strategic Initiatives
  • Maximizing Resources
  • Utilizing Organizational Synergies
  • Producing Quality Results
  • Mentoring Others
  • Maintaining High Personal Standards

We expect our clients will use this assessment for selection, development, succession planning, team building and problem solving in the C-Suite.  Click here to see a sample report.  ProfileXT Executive Leadership Report

New ProfileXT  Team Analysis

Profiles International is announcing a new Team Analysis tool based on the popular ProfileXT assessment.  Clients can now define teams and generate team reports for the team leaders.  Team reports will visually display the team’s scores in each measured characteristic, providing the team leader narrative management guidance based on the team scores, variance from the team leader’s scores and variance among team members.

This tool will help team leaders develop high performing teams and manage team activities to maximize effectiveness.  Click here to view a sample report.  ProfileXT Team Report

Contact Phil Devendorf for more information.