Finding the Right Fit Can Be Puzzling.

Assessments bring all the pieces together.

There is more to discover about an applicant or employee than meets the eye.  Make informed hiring, coaching and promotional decisions with our easy to use and affordable assessment solutions.

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  • Profile XT Job-fit – cognitive thinking styles, behavioral traits, and occupational interests compared to your job benchmark
  • Sales Assessment – select, train, and coach salespeople who become more productive and successful
  • Customer Service Profile– proficiencies, behavioral traits, and cultural fit compared to your job benchmark
  • Step One Survey – integrity, work ethic, reliability, and substance abuse attitude compared to your benchmark
  • Managerial Fit – measure compatibility of manager to employee to improve communication and productivity
  • Performance Indicator – personality styles of individuals and team analysis
  • Checkpoint 360 – A 360 degree survey with focus on leadership and management skills
  • Skills Tests –  over 1000 online tests to measure knowledge and skill sets