Mid Range Assessments

The industry’s first assessment designed for mid-level talent.  Improve selection, onboarding, employee management, engagement, performance, and retention.

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  • Prescreen with confidence Now you can avoid the cost and risk of yesterday’s “hire and hope” approach.  Using standardized job profiles, the mid-range assessment provides a reliable guide for hiring and job placement.
  • Accurately assess behavioral traits and reasoning skills – Provides objective information to improve hiring and management decisions 
  • Reduce turnover Matching the right people with the right jobs improves retention in your workplace
  • Increase productivity Better job match improves employee effectiveness and motivation


  • Job-Match assessment for mid-level workforce
  • Takes less than 45 minutes to administer
  • Cloud-based, mobile, and texting technology
  • Cost effective
  • Industry job pattern database
  • Includes distortion score that measures candor
  • Immediate results that deliver 5 valuable reports
  • Easy to understand reporting
  • Based on valid research and reliable scientific data